Our Ladies

Meet the charming ladies of our rat kingdom. Wherever possible, we have included a pedigree on each girl's personal page, along with pictures, of course, and a little bit of personal information on each of our little beauties. Click on the name of the doe you wish to visit to see more about her. If she has had a litter but been retired from breeding, (RET) will be next to her name. If she's a rescue or pet only for various reasons of health or temperament, (PET) will be next to her name. All girls shown here are our beloved pets first, breeding stock second and will live out their entire lives with us. I typically breed my girls once, twice at the maximum, and wait until they are between six months and a year for a first litter to better observe health and temperament and ensure that the moms are fully mature and ready to handle motherhood.

ROUS Bikki tBBR ROUS Blue Savannah ROUS Bobbi Gentry LWRW Cheryl from Accounting
ROUS Cobweb ROUS Cookie ROUS Electric Nachos (PET) RMIS Evee (PET)
SITH Fidgette ROUS Gloria ROUS Hazel ROUS Iris (RET)
TMLS Juniper (RET) ROUS Kenzie (PET) RMIS Kiki (PET) ROUS Lisa (PET)
SITH Little My ROUS Little Wing ROUS Liz Taylor (RET) ROUS Loulou
RMIS Madeleine (RET) LASC Marguerite (RET) ROUS Moth ROUS Mustardseed
Pancetta (PET) tBBR Peaseblossom (RET) ROUS Piney ROUS Tamarack
ROUS Temperance ROUS Truffle DIVA Velma Dinkley (RET) tBBR Vesper
ROUS Victoire (RET) ROUS Wendy (PET) ROUS Yoko  

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