tBBR Vesper

Born April 2, 2017

Russian Blue Point Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo

Vesper looks like a cool breath of winter. She's also as fast and fluttery as a snowflake. There's just something about the harley line, even the ones with smooth standard coats, that makes them seem strangely fairylike.

With partners in crime Cookie and Kenzie

King of the hill with Yoko and Kenzie

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
LASC Coyote
Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
TMLS Bison
Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo Rex
Black Eyed Siamese Self Dumbo Rex
RMIS Chipito
Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
SITH Malastare
Black Self Dumbo Rex
TMLS Toffee Mocha
Russian Blue Burmese Self Dumbo
TMLS Seeley Booth
Black Eyed Siamese Dumbo
LASC Mandy
Burmese Dumbo
RMIS Chewbacca
Burmese Dumbo
RMIS Yellowhammer "Barf"
Burmese Dumbo
RMIS WeeChee
Russian Blue Sable Burmese Dumbo
RMIS Queenie
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
RMIS Wicket
Russian Blue Point BES Dumbo
TGR Raven
Black Self
tBBR Jigglypuff
Russian Blue Point Dumbo Harley Coat
ROUS Bieber
Dove Dumbo Harvel
ROUS Dr. Praetorius
Mink Point Siamese Harley Coat
ROUS Quentin
ROUS Aschenputtel
Russian Blue Hooded HarVel
SIN Bandette
Russian Blue Blazed Berkshire Velveteen
RMIS Balloo
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
ROUS Evelyn
Russian Blue Berkshire Harvel
tBBR Hester
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo
TOPI Jenkins
Blue Beige Dumbo
tBBR Hornswoggle
Dwarf Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo
TOPI Kitty
Russian Blue Dumbo
tBBR Hornswoggle
Dwarf Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo
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