Born September 27, 2016

Russian Blue Masked Dumbo

Yoko is so lovely. She has a perfect little mask across her big black eyes and is a sleek, delicate little lady who moves like a tiny mongoose. I suspect she will grow even lovelier as she ages, just like her mother did.

Doing extreme yoga with her sister, Kenzie.

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
ROUS Kintsugi
Black Blazed Bareback Down-Under Dumbo Velveteen
SIN Sherman
Russian Blue Irish
RMIS Balloo
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
RMIS Twitch
Black Self Dumbo
RMIS Xantus
Russian Blue Burmese Dumbo
ROUS Evelyn
Russian Blue Berkshire Harvel
TOPI Turtle
Mink American Irish Dumbo Harley Coat
RMIS Thisbe
Dove American Irish Velveteen
Agouti Variegated Down Under Velveteen
TMLS Aramis
Agouti Variberk Down Under Dumbo Rex
TMLS Encore
Agouti Berkshire Dumbo Rex
TMLS Cherry Garcia
Agouti Variberk Down Under
TMLS Butterfly
Pearl Merle Masked
TMLS Melton
Pearl Merle Berkshire Dumbo Rex
TMLS Cherry Garcia
Agouti Variberk Down Under
ROUS Splendid
Black Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo Velveteen
SITH Squirrel
Russian Blue Blazed Berkshire Rex
JOY Mead
Russian Blue Bareback Rex
RMIS Christian JOY
White Dumbo
JOY Honey
Russian Blue English Irish Dumbo
Black Variegated Dumbo
SITH Dragonfly
Mink Variegated Blazed Dumbo
SITH Oonetta
Black Possum Dumbo
ROUS Kouign Aman
Black Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo Velveteen
SITH Wellington
Black Berkshire Dumbo Rex
SITH Macadamia Nut
Dwarf Russian Agouti American Irish Dumbo
SITH Georgie
Fawn Variegated Dumbo Velveteen
PNZY Judy Blume
Russian Agouti Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo
SITH PNZY Susurrus
Dove Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo
Cinnamon Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo
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