Our Gentlemen

Meet the dashing lords of our rat kingdom. Wherever possible, we have included a pedigree on each boy's personal page, along with pictures, of course, and a little bit of personal information on each of our charming chaps. Click on name of the buck you wish to visit to see more of him. If he has sired a litter or two but been retired from breeding due to age, (RET) will be next to his name. If he's a rescue or pet only for various reasons of health or temperament, (PET) will be next to his name. All the fellows shown here are our beloved pets first, breeding stock second and will live out their entire lives with us. I typically breed my boys for the first time around a year of age or older to really be able to observe health and temperament.

LWRW Archer ROUS Bobson ROUS Brown Phillip (PET) ROUS Budgie
ROUS Cedar ROUS Errol ROUS Farouk Harry Pawter (PET)
ROUS Jicky ROUS Kintsugi (RET) SITH Leeroy Jenkins ROUS Lino
ROUS Monsieur ROUS Moon ROUS Oberon DIVA Osric
ROUS Peace ROUS Pippin
ROUS Powder tBBR Pretty Patrick
ROUS Redwood (Woody) ROUS Steve LWRW Timothy Elliott ROUS TimTam
 ROUS Touko tBBR Tumbleweed
LWRW Wesley Snipes ROUS Yoshiki


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