tBBR Pretty Patrick

Born October 24, 2017

Russian Agouti Down-Under Velveteen

Pretty Patrick, named for a character on a favorite web cartoon series, Bee and Puppycat, is a giant dork, as you will see from the photos to follow. He's full of "downundertude" and has constant ants in his pants. He and Touko are often at loggerheads or they're conspiring together for illicit free range time. He's been a wonderful addition to our ruckus of rats.







Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
DIVA Scooby Doo RMIS Sole DIVA
Russian Cinnamon Berkshire Dumbo
ROUS Kolacz
Russian Cinnamon Collared Dumbo Rex
SITH Wellington
Black Berkshire Dumbo Rex
PNZY Judy Blume
Russian Agouti Blaze Dalmatian Dumbo
RMIS Amythest
Dove Irish Dumbo Harley Coat
ROUS Rumplestiltskin
Russian Blue American Irish Velveteen
ROUS Queenie
Mink Irish Dumbo
Russian Cinnamon Hooded Dumbo Velveteen
ROUS Wombat
Russian Blue Dumbo
ROUS Quentin
ROUS Aschenputtel
Russian Blue Hooded HarVel
tBBR ROUS Twilight Sparkle ROUS Kintsugi
Black Blazed Bareback Down-Under Dumbo Velveteen
SIN Sherman
Russian Blue Irish
RMIS Balloo
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
ROUS Evelyn
Russian Blue Berkshire Harvel
Agouti Variegated Down Under Velveteen
TMLS Aramis
Agouti Variberk Down Under Dumbo Rex
TMLS Butterfly
Pearl Merle Masked
ROUS Winnie
Dove Berkshire Velveteen
SITH Squirrel
Russian Blue Blazed Berkshire Rex
JOY Mead
Russian Blue Bareback Rex
Black Variegated Dumbo
AMOR Venus
Dove Possum Dumbo
tBBR Othello
Russian Blue Dalmatian Dumbo
tBBR Valkyrie
Dove Dalmatian Dumbo
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