Harry Pawter

Born May, 2017

Black Blazed Berkshire Dumbo

Harry Pawter, the rat who lived, was rescued by a lovely lady in Oregon whose dog grooming client saved him after he almost became snake dinner. Luckily for all of us, the serpent was not hungry or recognized Harry's finer qualities and spared him. Owing to his near miss from Team Voldemort and his rather impressive lightning "scar", he clearly had to be named Harry Pawter. He's an utter doll, though we're still trying to find him the perfect match for cagemate. Currently, he hangs out with the humans but I'm sure we'll find chill boys or spayed older ladies who don't mind his awkward friendly ways. We will sort him into the perfect house very soon. He's definitely already attempted flying as he's an amazing jumper. He has a future in rat Quidditch.

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