Sugar Rush

Born October 21, 2017

Tumbleweed is my little flossy ball of sunshine. He's always so happy to see me and wants to cuddle and groom. Many people are put off by red-eyed rats thanks to Hollywood horror movies, but literally everyone who has ever met Tumbleweed says he's beautiful. Cheryl is a chubby little doll. She's round and dainty and just good natured. I expect colorpoint dumbos in various varieties, including black and red eyes and also Martens, the amazing color changing colorpoint rats. Fur types should be smooth and rex, with all babies carrying one copy of the harley gene, which makes them extra soft. Cheryl delivered nine lovely babies on October 21, 5 girls and 4 boys on first inspection. I'm already seeing some dark Marten coats in the crew and whiskers indicate a pretty good split between smooth and curly coats. Cheryl is a very attentive mother who is also pretty easy to lure away from the babies with the promise of an especially tasty snack. In honor of Cheryl's sweet tooth, the babies will be named for sugary treats.

Everyone is growing up so fast and has opened their eyes and started exploring their cage. They'll soon be moved into a bigger cage with more enrichment items and, best of all, will be on the streaming webcam soon for your viewing enjoyment. Selection by the waitlist will start in a couple of weeks once temperament and health are certain.

Oh, you've come to see my babies?

Just a minute, let me get them all presentable.

Here they are!

The babies at a week old. Looks like lots of Martens and Black-eyed Siamese.

Three of the boys at 2 weeks getting ready for weighing and fussing

The Girls

ROUS Creme Brulee • Black-eyed Siamese Dumbo Female • Available to Waitlist

ROUS Lil' Poundcake • Black-eyed Marten Dumbo Velveteen Female • Keeping (Has Injured Leg)

ROUS Panna Cotta • Black-eyed Siamese Dumbo Female • Available to Waitlist

ROUS Pavlova • Black-eyed Marten Dumbo Female • Available to Waitlist

ROUS Shortcake • Black-eyed Marten Dumbo Female • Reserved by The Breakfast Bunch Rattery

The Boys

ROUS Custard • Black-eyed Siamese Dumbo Male • Available to Waitlist

ROUS Moon Pie • Black-eyed Marten Dumbo Velveteen Male • Keeping

ROUS Trifle • Black-eyed Marten Dumbo Male • Reserved by Little Whiskers Rattery of Washington

ROUS Zabaglione • Black-eyed Siamese Dumbo Male • Available to Waitlist


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
tBBR Tumbleweed
Russian Blue Point Dumbo HarVel
ROUS Bieber
Dove Dumbo Harvel
ROUS Dr. Praetorius
Mink Point Siamese Harley Coat
ROUS Quentin
ROUS Aschenputtel
Russian Blue Hooded HarVel
SIN Bandette
Russian Blue Blazed Berkshire Velveteen
RMIS Balloo
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
ROUS Evelyn
Russian Blue Berkshire Harvel
tBBR Hester
Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo
TOPI Jenkins
Blue Beige Dumbo
tBBR Hornswoggle
Dwarf Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo
TOPI Kitty
Russian Blue Dumbo
tBBR Hornswoggle
Dwarf Agouti Dalmatian Dumbo
LWRW Cheryl From Accounting
Agouti Marten Dumbo
SLR Rick Sanchez
Golden Marten Dumbo
SLR Sprite
Black Eyed Siamese
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