Current Litters

All our babies are handled from a very early age, typically starting a day or two after birth, to get them as well socialized to humans as possible. We also preference temperament first, as well as health, as breeding friendly rats who are happy pets is our primary goal. We breed for pets only - no feeders - and raise the babies in a typical household environment where they're exposed to regular human activity and sounds and even to friendly cats. Babies stay with us until at least six weeks of age (or longer if we have any health concerns about the litters, which is happily pretty rare.) All our breeding stock are pets first, breeders second to us and stay with us for the duration of their lives, even if retired from breeding due to age or health concerns. We began breeding rats in the early 2000s as it was very difficult to find healthy, well socialized pet rats that did not come from inhumane small animal breeding mills that, unfortunately, supply most of the pet stores who sell live animals. We got involved in RatsPacNW, a rat fanciers club serving OR, WA, ID, BC and UT, and were mentored closely by its founding members when we decided to try rat breeding. We also support several local small animal rescue groups with donations, adoption referrals and transportation. All our breeding stock is pedigreed and tracked for health over time and we work with a small consortium of other pet rat breeders in the Northwest to keep our gene pool healthy. This is our hobby, not a business, and almost nobody involved in rat breeding humanely makes a profit from it - all adoption fees go directly back to the costs of caring for the rats. There is an adoption fee of $25 per rat and, barring special circumstances such as providing a companion for a single rat who just lost their cagemate, we only adopt in pairs for the emotional well being of the rats, who are intensely social animals who naturally live in groups in the wild.

In light of the recent cases of Seoul hantavirus transfer between pet rats and humans in the midwest, we've done some research on the issues and have written up our research and plans for the rattery going forward, which you can read here. Though the likelihood of the virus being present in our rattery is extremely small, we are not able to test every single rat in the colony to be 100% certain. Please read our FAQ on the topic so you can make the best informed choice about adopting a rat into your home.

These are our litters are currently or soon to be up for adoption. Please email for an easy online adoption application. To see our longer term breeding plans for the coming months, which are subject to change, visit our Planned Litters.

Litters Currently Born

My Favorite Things

This litter is all for the cuteness and sweetness of the roan line. Wing is pretty much the queen of the rattery and everyone who meets her falls hopelessly in love with her. Cedar is young but already he's the dearest little cuddler. I expect black, agouti and possibly russian blue and russian blue agouti for colors, half roan, half low white, all dumbo and half rex and half smooth coat. I predict everyone will be utterly delightful in this litter. Babies will be named for the objects listed in the Favorite Things song from the musical The Sound of Music. Wing delivered 8 gorgeous healthy babies on October 29, five boys and three girls. All are reserved for my waiting list.


Yoko is an awesome party rat who is curious about everything. Errol is a very serious rat who always appears to be considering what's going on around him very deeply. I expect russian based and funky mink dilute dalmatian dumbos in various lovely markings, all smooth coat with a possibility of Harley coat. Babies will be named for beaches along the Washington and Oregon coasts. Yoko gave birth on October 21 to six big gorgeous babies, 5 girls and 1 boy (on first inspection.) They are adorable and already I am seeing faint markings that cause me to think half will look exactly like papa and half like mama. Yoko is an attentive helicopter mom who has insisted on shoving every scrap of bedding and half the contents of her food dish into the giant nest in her igloo. Cage cleaning breaks her heart, I'm afraid, but we have to do it or it gets pretty stinky. Sorry, Yoko.

Sugar Rush

Tumbleweed is my little flossy ball of sunshine. He's always so happy to see me and wants to cuddle and groom. Many people are put off by red-eyed rats thanks to Hollywood horror movies, but literally everyone who has ever met Tumbleweed says he's beautiful. Cheryl is a chubby little doll. She's round and dainty and just good natured. I expect colorpoint dumbos in various varieties, including black and red eyes and also Martens, the amazing color changing colorpoint rats. Fur types should be smooth and rex, with all babies carrying one copy of the harley gene, which makes them extra soft. Cheryl delivered nine lovely babies on October 21, 5 girls and 4 boys on first inspection. I'm already seeing some dark Marten coats in the crew and whiskers indicate a pretty good split between smooth and curly coats. Cheryl is a very attentive mother who is also pretty easy to lure away from the babies with the promise of an especially tasty snack. In honor of Cheryl's sweet tooth, the babies will be named for sugary treats.

We Rebel!

Touko and Savannah are both outgoing little clowns who just crave human attention and playtime. Touko is really just too much rat for one person - he's packed with personality, lives to run around and free range (but is a gentleman about his chewing and potty habits), and can't get enough attention. He will pick attention over almost all foods. Savannah can't possibly sit still long enough for too much cuddling but she absolutely loves to hand wrestle, get pettings and assiduously groom your fingernails. I expect dove dumbos in various lovely markings, including downunder, classic Berkshire and Irish and some dalmatian, half of the litter should also have velveteen hair, hopefully with that scruffy terrier look that their mom sports. Savannah delivered seven pups on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, which makes me wonder if it's an omen for how fiery they'll be. In honor of their birthday, babies will all have names of famous historical rebels.

Fall Planned Pairings

Assorted Cookies

I love these little wonky faces so much. I expect Russian color variations in various lovely markings, dumbo and top ear and a variety of coats that could include smooth, harley, harvel and velveteen. Babies will be named for various kinds of cookies.


This litter is all about the personality and the silky fur. Tumbleweed is Mr. Number One around here - he's just so outgoing and loves attention so much. And Gloria is marevelously quirky. Basically, if Wes Anderson ever cast a rat in one of his movies, he'd pick Gloria. In fact, all the pups will be named for characters in Wes Anderson films. I expect dove dumbos and top ears, mostly low white markings, all harley coat and harvel.

Types I will be working with in future include roans (always my favorite), dalmatian (face blazing and lots of white spotting on the body) which will be combined with down-under markings (colorful belly spots to match the upper markings on the back), colorpoints (black-eyed siamese and burmese) and the harley coats (long hair) which I will also be working into my colorpoints. For my possible schedule over the next six months visit my Planned Litters page.

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