Planned Litters

If you are interested in adopting from any of our litters, please email Lynn and I will send you the link to our Online Adoption Application. The months indicate when the rats will be paired together for breeding, with babies born approximately three weeks from mating and then ready for new homes at six weeks of age.


ROUS Little Wing x ROUS Peace: Roans and carriers in a variety of colors, dumbo and some curly rex, BEST personalities

ROUS Yoko x PNZY Inigo: Dalmatian with a tiny possibility of down-under, dumbo, Russian color varieties


tBBR ROUS Blue Savannah x DIVA Osric: Dalmatians in russian blue variations, top ears and a variety of coats, down-unders

ROUS Cookie x ROUS Errol: Harleys and carriers, all dumbo, Russian blue with lots of blazes possible

ROUS Gloria x tBBR Tumbleweed: Harleys and harvels, dumbo and top ear, russian blue, colorpoints possible


LWRW Cheryl x tBBR Tumbleweed: An interesting assortment of colorpoints, all dumbo, velveteen and smooth coat, harley carriers

ROUS Tamarack x ROUS Jicky: All roans, in a variety of colors, all dumbo, some rex, smooth coat and double rex

ROUS Truffle x LWRW Archer: Various colorpoints including burmese and black eyed siamese, all dumbo and smooth coat


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