ROUS Pet Rat Adoption Application

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Are you over the age of 18? Yes No
(if not, please be aware that a parent or guardian must sign the Adoption Contract and assume all responsibility)
Please describe what type of rat/rats you are looking for (sex, color, marking, coat type, ear type, eye color etc) as well as listing any physical characteristics you definitely do not want in a rat:
If none are currently available would you like to be put on our waiting list? Yes No
Are there children in the household? Yes No
If yes, what are their ages:
Does anyone in your household suffer from pet allergies? Yes No
Are all members of your household aware that you are applying to adopt a rat/rats and in agreement with your plans?
Yes No
Do you rent or own your home? Rent Own
If you rent, or if you live in a condominium or co-op, are you allowed to have pets? Yes No
List restrictions if any:
Are you planning on moving within the next few years? If so, what will you do with the rats?
What other pets do you currently have, including other rats? (type/ages):
Have you ever had to find a new home for one or more of your pets in the past? Yes No
If so, please explain the circumstances:
Why do you want a rat/rats?
In what part of your home will the rat/rats live?
Will the rat be housed with other rats or alone? Others Alone
What do you plan to feed your rat/rats? If using a commercial food, please specify type and brand. If feeding a homemade diet please specify type and/or list the ingredients:
Will your rat/rats be caged at all times, free ranged, or both?
Caged Free Range Both
If caged, what type of cage will you be using? Please state type and brand and basic dimensions of cage:
What bedding or litter do you plan to use? Please specify the brand, or brands, and types:
If free ranged, all or part of the time, what precautions will you take with their environment to prevent injuries or escapes?
And how much time will your rat spend outside of the cage?
What sorts of toys and accessories will you provide for your rat/rats?
Do you plan to breed your rat/rats? Yes No
Have you bred other rats in the past? Yes No
Are you willing and able to provide standard and emergency vet care, if needed? Yes No
Do you currently have a vet who is experienced with rats? Yes No
Please provide the vet’s name and phone number:
If for any reason you are no longer able to keep this rat/rats, will you agree to either return them or let us re-home them for you? Yes No
Please add any additional comments you would like to make about the home and environment you plan to provide for your rat/rats:
Please add any additional questions you might have: