Born November, 2015

Agouti Hooded

Tarzan has a pretty amazing origin story. He was found by law enforcement in the pocket of someone being taken into custody. Poor Tarzan was around two weeks old, his eyes barely open, definitely way too young to be away from mom. He was taken to a rescue group and fostered very lovingly by the same person who raised our beloved half-wild guy, Bestiole. Besti had just lost his best friend, Rififi, and adopting tiny Tarzan seemed to be the perfect solution to Besti's loneliness. Intros were a bit tough but they are all part of a big happy rat family now, along with Todd, Bevan and Dr. Praetorius. Tarzan is absolutely wonderful as a companion to both rats and humans. He bounces like Tigger and loves to snuggle in shirts and overalls. He is an inveterate beggar and his favorite thing to pester out of a human is latte foam. He also loves goldfish crackers, kale (weirdo), english muffins, anything from Fuji Bakery and noodles, which he often ends up also wearing like a wig.

With his best friend Todd making their terrifying two-headed tube beast costume.

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